Feilding Herald

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Last weekend got off to a great start. Glen Osborne was in Feilding to attend the Feilding Saturday morning rugby club's end of season tournament and prize-giving.

He was a huge hit with the kids as he accompanied Turbo Man around the games.

He arrived at the park courtesy of Rangitikei Helicopters, which certainly added to the excitement and sense of occasion.

Later in the day I attended a student art exhibition at Carncot School in Palmerston North, which was well presented by the pupils and a credit to both them and the school's art department.

I spent Monday out and about around the electorate, including a catch up with Manawatu AA chairman Gary Goodman. We discussed alcohol interlocks, road speed limits and speed tolerance. Alcohol interlocks are devices that are similar to a breathalyser.

They're connected to a car's starting system though. You can't start the car without blowing into it - and if you're over the limit, the car won't start.

In the late afternoon I met with an education interest group who are putting together a submission to the Education Select Committee with respect to their enquiry into dyslexic and dyspraxic students, and those on the autism spectrum.

This is a very complex topic and an important educational issue.

I am heartened that we have some capable people putting together a submission on behalf of the Rangitikei. There is of course opportunity for anyone to contribute to the work of this Select Committee by making a submission to Parliament by October 2 and I would encourage you to do so if you have any interest or experience in this field.